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Break Stuff with Coins v1.1

Patch NotesPosted by Morten Tue, March 12, 2019 21:13:08
A new version of Break Stuff with Coins is out now! It is basically a free content update, with a new level, five new coins, a new mini game, 16 new achievements, as well as some updates to existing levels.
Take a look below for the details.


- Added a new Level
- The Kids' Rooms level has been tweaked. Things built from multiple objects, for instance a Jigsaw puzzle, will now yield points when 'broken'.
- A few interesting changes have been made to the Shop Level.
- The plumbing has been fixed in the kitchen.
- A new Food Item has been added to the Kitchen.
- A few Items have been added to the Living Room Level.


- Added Five new Coins.
- Amped up the Gravitational Coin - Things caught in the gravitational rifts now becomes brittle, and break more easily.
- The Racer Coin have been tuned. It now packs a bit more 'vrooom'.


- 16 New Achievements have been added, including 1 secret achievement.


- Nigel has a few more opinions about how well or how bad you are doing.
- Nigel now shuts up when leaving the Coin case, while he's talking about a coin.


- Fixed save data issue for a few players.
- Fixed issue in living room that caused two different music tracks to be played at the same time.
- Fixed a rare performance issue in the Garage level.
- Fixed an issue where a few items would randomly break on their own in the Kids' Rooms level.
- Fixed issue where some items would jitter during slow motion.
- Fixed issue where the cable with the bike in the Garage Level, could go 'crazy' and bug out the entire level. If too much pressure is on the cable it should break instead.
- Fixed some Audio related issues in the Kitchen level.
- Fixed an issue where some UI elements wouldn't show the correct text after changing language from the Options menu.

Additional Info

I've received a few reports about the Garage Level crashing when using the Earth Coin on the Car. I have not been able to replicate that issue, and as such not been able to fix it. If you have that issue, I'd appreciate any information on how to replicate it. I have a hunch that it may be happening when the framerate drops a bit low, so if that is the case, please let me know.

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